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What was it? A decision to enjoy a dip in the small waves on Tel Aviv beach after a marathon journey from Sydney to Israel ended in an assault. Two hits to my left shin in a five minute period interrupted the recharging my weary body in the frothy wash of the surf.

Maybe a piece of prickly seaweed was the culprit? No, the water was clear. Was it an eel? Eels usually hang around rocks. A crab was presented as a definite possibility but the tiny puncture is not consistent with a wound inflicted by a menacing claw. A small shark was quickly dismissed. The premiere predator of the sea does not inhabit the Mediterranean.

A local spoke vaguely about a fish that nibbles old flesh. Maybe it went overboard seeing so much, it took a mouthful!

Any suggestions can be sent to me via and will be gratefully evaluated. Meanwhile I’ll keep clear of the surf.

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