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This friendly male Brush Turkey was feasting on seeds from what looked like weeds on the rainforest walk at Burleigh Heads today. If you live in the leafy suburbs of northern Sydney, you would have met his relatives. They are an unwanted invasion from Qld. First it was the cane toad; now this feathered pest.

Once the male decides the location to build his 4ft nest from earth and leafy matter, nothing will stop him. The behaviour of this outlaw from the north has wreaked disaster on beautiful gardens, consumed valuable plants and probably destroyed marriages.

However, this native from the north found its way on to the dinner tables of families of the Sunshine State during the Great Depression, so I suppose it has made some contribution to humankind. The current law protecting these pests in NSW is rumoured to have it roots in banana-bender jealousy, envious of our superior climate, better beaches and beer.

Maybe the answer to halt the spread of this foreign troublemaker is to build a wall.

Not sure what the law is in Qld but I don’t think I’ll risk reducing their population for roast turkey.

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