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If you said Gerroa, you’re spot on - home of “Chips” and “Backdoor”, two popular surfing locations for surfers including Sally Fitzgibbons. Jane Campion wrote the movie script for ‘The Piano’ in this sleepy little town. Seven Mile Beach provided Charles Kingsford-Smith with a sandy runway for the first commercial flight to New Zealand from Australia in 1933. School fish entertain anglers in the summer months and the beach is the source of relaxation and fun for locals and holidaymakers.

The national park provides a beautiful natural green belt, edging the beach where spinifex, coast wattle, tea-tree, coastal banksia, she-oaks, bangalay, southern mahogany and burrawangs grow. It’s ideal for bird watching with the vegetation being home to honeyeaters, currawongs, crimson rosellas, thornbills, kookaburras, ravens, grey fantails, eastern whipbirds and white-throated tree creepers and the occasional white-breasted sea eagle.

A little patch of heaven.

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