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A STORY UNTOLD by Elyot Rodgers

Is this book fact or fiction? Mark, the protagonist tries to make sense of the threats on his life and unexplained crazy-making incidents during his attempt to rebuild after an acrimonious divorce.

As the story progresses, the reader is confronted with the view that he is either suffering acute paranoia or his fears are justified. Edgy events, grounded in reality continue to unfold making the story chillingly authentic.

I found the book difficult to put down. The continual swing of the pendulum from possible fantasy to fact compelled me forward to find the truth. Mark’s attempt to join the puzzling dots leads him to corruption at the highest level in the financial sector. Is Mark crazy or has he opened the door to uncover the dark side of some sectors of Big Business? And whose story is it really - the imaginary Mark, or Elyot Rodgers?

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