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I accompanied Michael Davey on his 14,000 km cycle ride around Australia. As I turned the pages of his book, ‘Journey of Charity,’ I could feel the heat of the tropics, the dry of the desert, the smell of the outdoors and hear the blast of air horns. His inspiring, legendary ride for children suffering from cancer amazed me as he experienced the challenges of climate, the joy of generosity, and disappointment with those whose poverty of spirit gave little value to his mission.

Michael’s first book, best selling ‘Journey of Hope,’ describes how he survived a dysfunctional childhood. Fostered as a baby and placed in four state-run institutions, Michael experienced significant abuse. Kidnapped by his father, he eventually came home only to discover his mother was a violent and crazed schizophrenic who hated him. At the hands of his deranged mother Michael was beaten mercilessly. To escape her violence and neglect, Michael left home to join the Royal Australian Navy when he was just 15 years old.

His achievements are amazing and will inspire you.

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