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100 YEARS ...

If my father was alive today, he would be celebrating his 100th birthday.

He died a few months short of 96 years in 2017.

Dad survived the Great Depression, World War 2 where he served in various locations, including Wollongong, Sydney, Alice Springs, Darwin and North Queensland, searching for Japanese infiltration from the North.

His devotion to my mother was outstanding, supporting her through years of illness, until pancreatic cancer ended her life at 47 years.

Bill Kerr, Dad, Papa, was the rock; steady, consistent, reliable and always available. The quality of a life displayed through the Army, Department of Housing, his church and the local community, is an outstanding example of service and selflessness.

His Christian faith, humour, practical skills and strength of character made him a great ‘all-rounder.’

Dad, you are greatly missed, but your memory continues to inspire and shape our lives.


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