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A Hard Man…

A Hard Man…

Someone said to me that Peter Jirgens is one of the ‘hard men.’ I agree. He

could’ve been chiselled out of the rock he blasted in his father’s quarry when he

was eleven years old. Arnold, his father loved rock and soil and Peter is a ‘chip off

the old block.’ He’s climbing here to Charlotte Pass in the alpine country of NSW-

not an easy ride. It was on this charity ride Peter unpacked his story of survival.

His ability to endure physical and emotional pain is extraordinary. One of his

toughest physical encounters was facing ‘mountain man,’ a Kiwi, when he played

against the touring New Zealand rugby league side. Another was surviving

hitchhiking through Europe and Nepal. Three times he came close to death. He’s

one of the hardest men I know.

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