CLEARING THE MIND - Horses on the beach

Just back from my regular Monday morning beach walk. Usually I walk and talk with friends, but today - solo. The sea was a mess of white foam with thousands of jellyfish littering the sand; blubbery domes covered with froth. Then the joy of seeing four beautiful horses – breaking free.

I passed my crude construction of large pieces of driftwood that mark where the National Parks sign is hidden – now overgrown with salt-loving shrubbery. Over the years it’s been decorated with seaweed and shells, and other items retrieved from the shoreline. There’s satisfaction knowing other beach lovers have derived joy from adding to my humble structure. I removed a beer bottle - no place for this invader of the environment.

On returning to my starting point, my plastic bag, full of the evidence of people’s carelessness or indifference, but a mind enlivened with thoughts for writing.

While I enjoy walking with friends, a solo stroll clears the cluttered mind and creates my writer’s space. So many creative thoughts flow freely when I’m alone with the sea.

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