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Where Did You Get That Tile From?

Cambewarra Primary School was a brilliant location for our final launch. Set in a beautiful leafy environment with a large hall that opened onto a covered area, the ‘All Stars Band’ played before and after the event. Around 220 people packed the hall for the proceedings. A good friend of Peter Jirgens, Peter Hanson provided a smooth and personal introduction to the presenters - Tahlia, the publisher, Peter J and myself.

A quirky extra happened in Peter’s presentation. When the photo of his father’s house appeared on the screen, Peter displayed a superfluous roof tile he'd taken from the home during his visit, when he took his father’s ashes from Australia to the family grave in Riga. He smuggled the contraband back into Australia in his backpack. I think it has now become something of a sacred relic!

Peter’s sister, Julie, announced that recently the Latvian government have taken ownership of the old family home, which is now classified as ‘heritage’ and are seeking to restore it to its former glory. Latvians are coming from all over the world to offer their services in the restoration process. Amazing!

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