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The word about seafood in Galilee is the St Peter fish. It’s the fish, most likely caught by Peter and the disciples. My three experiences of tasting this local catch has been positive – sweet. The authorities apply strict regulations to both the volume of catch and the number of craft on the Sea of Galilee (it’s really a lake) to ensure it’s survival. Fish farms have developed to meet the increasing demand.

While I’m on the subject of fish, my good mate Dwight has researched the ‘sergeant major’ whose story you know. He quotes website 'ThoughtCo' 'Dangerous fish and sea animals" -

“Perhaps the most aggressive of the damselfish is the Sergeant Major. Normally docile, the males of the species becomes very defensive when tending eggs. To warn other fish (and divers) that he means business, an egg-tending male will darken his white body to blue or indigo. Give blue Sergeant Majors space unless you want to be nibbled.”

Breakfasts so far have included a wide range of salads, eggs, marinated fish, cereal, fruits, cheeses – but I’m still searching for the bacon!

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