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This tunnel is the result of one on the most amazing underground engineering achievements of the

ancient world. The Assyrians, under Sennacherib’s leadership, lay siege to the City of David in 701

BC. King Hezekiah instructed two teams of miners to tunnel from two different locations, east and

west, to divert the water supply of the city, the Gihon Spring, underground to the pool of Siloam.

The plaque, commemorating the place where the two teams met is on display in the Archaeological

Museum in Istanbul. This desperate, life-saving venture is recorded in 2Kings 20:20.

This is the third time I waded knee-deep through the cool, clear water, fingering the chisel marks

created over 2700 years ago…. touching ancient history. Amazing!

I kept my Lawrence of Arabia cap on for the entire 533 metre adventure in an effort to preserve the

skin on my scalp.

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