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Enough ‘bad news’ comes out of Israel/Palestine so my decision to share ‘good news’ with a group of retirees from ministry in Baptist churches yesterday, seemed like a good idea.

My recent visit to Palestine/Israel gave me the story of the Jewish doctor who leads a team of Jewish medicos each week, providing free medicine, hearing aids and medical service to Palestinians in the West Bank. They heard about the transformative moment when a Palestinian Muslim professor in Jerusalem visited Auschwitz with twenty-seven Palestinian students, and committed himself to the peace process when he saw the gas chambers. Also the time when an angry Palestinian courier befriended an Israeli border guard and became mates and started a movement amongst his countrymen. Also, the recent Peace March by Christian, Muslim and Jewish women to the Jordan River.

It left me wondering … there may be more ‘good news’ coming from the Holy Land than ‘bad news.’ That gives me an idea!

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