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The Melbourne Latvian Male Choir -‘Veseris’ (“Sledgehammer”) will perform at the book launch of ‘Out of Latvia’ at Riga Central Library 3pm July 3, 2018. Sandra Birze, artistic director and conductor confirmed the choir will present three items in what will be a uniquely Australian event.

Included in the performance are two folk songs by chorister and guitarist/songwriter Ivars Štubis. The launch will take place in the midst of the Latvian Song and Dance Festival, held in Riga and throughout Latvia every five years. We are excited to have members of a such a distinguished choir as part of an occasion that will bring the flavour of Australia to a people who have courageously preserved their identity and culture in the face of persecution and suffering.

Sandra Birze said,“I wish to provide some insight into how I believe our music can reflect the sentiments in your book, about Peter's inner strength, courage and determination, along with his longing to meet his family in Latvia.”

The choir’s name ‘Sledgehammer,’ reflects the strength and power of their music.

You are warmly invited to attend and celebrate the joining of our cultures.

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