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They sure can. That was one of many facts I learnt yesterday, when I joined an enthusiastic group of locals at the home of Peter and Margie Jirgens at Cambewarra, for the launch of the Shoalhaven Fox Control program.

Foxes are now decimating native wildlife in the region. Any animal weighing under 5.5 kg is fair game. Possums, echidnas, birds, reptiles, frogs, and eggs are all on the menu. The spotted quoll that once roamed the Shoalhaven is now almost extinct. Lambs, new-born calves, chickens and small domestic animals are on their hit list.

To conclude the proceedings we enjoyed a ‘feral feast’ of venison cooked in three different ways. Deer are also becoming and increasing menace.

Our local State Member, Gareth Ward presented the committee with a cheque for $5000 toward the program.

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