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Journey of Hope is the inspiring story of Dr J. Michael Davey. Fostered as a baby and placed in state-run institutions, Michael experienced significant abuse. Kidnapped by his father, he eventually came home only to discover his mother was a violent and crazed schizophrenic who hated him. At the hands of his deranged mother, Michael was beaten mercilessly. To escape violence and neglect, Michael left home to join the Royal Australian Navy when he was just 15 years old.

As a child, every day was a struggle, but Michael fought against the overwhelming odds. Showing extraordinary determination and raw courage he manage to survive the horrors of his early years. Eventually rising above it all, Michael went on to university where he was the recipient of both a PhD and prestigious medicine scholarships.

I loved walking with Michael from heartache to happiness, from tragedy to triumph. I laughed at his clowning and mischievous antics and was inspired by the creative way he survived an obliterated and lost childhood.

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