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Palestinian Professor Mohammed Dajani Daoudi, a Moslem who lives in the West Bank, founded a group to create materials to teach the Holocaust to Arab readers. I met Dr Daoudi at the Healing Hatred Conference in Jerusalem –Bethlehem in 2017.

He took 27 Palestinian students to the Nazi extermination camp in Auschwitz, Poland, in March 2014. When he saw the camp, the gas chambers, the ovens – he said, “That was my moment of transformation.” Here was the place of Hitler’s murderous ‘final solution’ to the ‘Jewish problem.’

On his return, Palestinian public outcry forced him to resign his post at al-Quds University, his car was firebombed and threats were made on his life.

Professor Daoudi holds the secret to creating change. When a person in conflict is open to hearing - really hearing the story of ‘the other’, transformation can take place.

I am often privileged to witness the wonder and power of these moments in my counselling room as I work as a relationship therapist, creating a safe space for each to hear the pain of ‘the other’; walls crumble – healing happens.

Watch Dr Daoudi briefly speak of his experiences.

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