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REVIEW - WALL OF TEARS by Peter McAra, author of best seller The Vintner's Letters

“Based on the Arab/Israeli conflict that has existed since biblical times, Wall of Tears is a truly amazing book. With great emotional sensitivity, it covers the period from when post-World War II actions set up a state for the Jewish population which had suffered under the horrifying Holocaust years, to the early years of the New Millennium.

Readers will recall the conflicts between Israelis and Palestinians that have long festered around a host of issues, such as border definition and outright war involving state-of-the-art weaponry, since 1948.

Treading a dangerous path few authors would be game to traverse, Kerr has created an enthralling saga of the rocky road travelled by the young Arab and Jewish characters who, despite treking through a tangled cultural jungle, fall in love. He explores the web of conflicts in a loving, even-handed way that thoroughly immerses the reader in the pain which has infiltrated the lives of both cultures throughout its long history. Readers may dare to hope that resolution of this ancient conflict might one day happen through the love between individuals who, abandoning millennia of tradition, nurture the courage to fight it.”

Wall of Tears:The Human Face of the Israel – Palestine Conflict paperback version is available on Amazon from April 14. Pre-release signed copies can be obtained now for $25.

Contact David Kerr mob: 0422 837 287, email:

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