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The 75th commemoration of the Holocaust, Yom Hashoah, touches the raw nerve of some and triggers this cry of frustration. The same question could be asked of Anzac Day. “Why remember? Why hang on to the past? … just move on!”

To forget the past - is to repeat it. The commemoration of Yom Hashoah by the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies last night featured moving testimonies from Holocaust survivors, reminding us of Hitler’s evil attempt to cleanse the world of the ‘Jewish scourge.’ The concluding words of CEO Vic Alhadeff, provide a stark, sinister echo to ‘then’ and ‘now.’ “The reality is, worldwide anti-Semitism is on the rise. The threat in the USA is greater today than any time since World War 2. The level of fear is greater now than any time previous,” Further facts were equally disturbing.

A recent political earthquake in Germany saw a premier elected from the votes of a party, best described as Neo-Nazi. Established in 2013, it currently holds 89 seats in Parliament, making it the third largest party in Germany. A leader in this alternative party for Deutschland demands a 180 degree turn in recognition of the Holocaust.

A carnival in the Spanish town of Campo de Criptano earlier this year featured dancing Nazi soldiers, bloodstained inmates in prison uniforms and a grotesque float resembling a crematorium with chimneys.

To forget the past – is to repeat it. As we commemorate, not glorify Anzac, let us also value, affirm and respect all who have suffered and sacrificed in war, including our Jewish brothers and sisters.

Lest we forget.

To view the presentation copy link:

(Picture: Red poppy added to the image taken from JBD’s presentation.)

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