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A few lines from the Prime Minster’s statement on the first anniversary of National Apology.

…… so we said sorry.

For the hurt and the horrors.

For the violation of dignity and self-worth.

For what was done; the acts- too unspeakable

And then sorry for what was not done, and should have been. As we looked the other way instead of helping or intervening.

Sorry to the families who were forever scarred or destroyed.

Sorry to those who weren’t believed.

Our failure as a nation was catastrophic and inexcusable, and no apology can undo it.

Yet we apologised because we should, and we must’ve. And I’d like to think of it as an on-going and continuous apology.

I agree with the survivor who said, “child sexual abuse is not just a crime against the person, but is also a crime that attacks the social fabric of the nation.”

And in these acts, the fabric of our society was rent.

And our apology was just one humble but important step in trying to mend it……

See link for complete text.

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