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Hurt, suffering, victimhood and unconscionable behaviour of both Israelis and Palestinians continue to sabotage peaceful co-existence. David Kerr has sifted through the facts, befriended Israelis and Palestinians, and crafted a beautifully written and gripping novel, even-handed and compassionate.

This bitter conflict is one which defies any simple black and white, villain and victim, right and wrong analysis.

Through the stories of his authentic Israeli and Arab characters, he succeeds in capturing and crystalizing the good and bad on both sides of this complex religious, territorial, political conflict.

The novel benefits from being written through the author’s professional psychotherapist and religious ministry lenses. It benefits from his understanding of the deep scarring and psychological shadows of all caught in the powder keg that is modern Israel, surrounded by Arab nations with an avowed intent of ‘pushing the Israelis into the sea’. I thoroughly recommend this remarkable book.

Wendy McAra M A (Psych) MAAPi - Psychologist

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