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Dear Friends,


These last months of 2023, since the appalling attack on October 7th, have been a terrible time for all of us – both those of us here embroiled in this awful war, and those of you abroad caught up in the dangerous rhetoric that has accompanied it.


Our leaders tell us this war will continue for months, if not years. But we are all here to stay – Jews, Christians, Muslims, Israelis and Palestinians -and whenever the war finally draws to a close, those left standing will still have to find a way to live together. Surely we should finally put our energies and our resources into living with love, if we can manage it, tolerance at the very least, rather than choosing to continue to die by the sword, or its modern, high tech, dreadful equivalents?


We have not had the time or the energy to organize our usual end-of year crowdfunding campaign. We have been too busy on the ground – adapting our programming to help teachers struggling to support children in their distress and anguish; doing our utmost to ensure that the violence does not spread onto the streets of our mixed cities; assisting people in dire poverty in East Jerusalem in particular, cut off from their usual sources of income and facing food supply shortages and spiraling prices.


Now, therefore, I turn to each of you personally in these last hours of 2023  – and ask you to make an end of year donation anyway. We know that you, along with us, seek to choose life – to choose to continue the struggle to build a better future for all of us. We believe in partnership – in our partnership with each other, and our partnership with you. Despite the abhorrence we have seen unleashed, we still believe it is possible to do this differently. We will pick up the pieces and do everything we can to heal the hatred and move forward together. Please help us.


As 2023 draws to its bloody end, we pray with you that 2024 will finally bring the beginnings of peace.

Sarah Bernstein



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