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Robert Harris writer and journalist kept me on the edge as he unpacked the true story of French officer Georges Picquart who exposed the truth about the ‘evidence’ that sent Alfred Deyfrus to infamous Devil’s Island in the 1890s.

The story gathers pace and intensity as the never-ending battle between good and evil rages. The classic contest of David and Goliath - one man against the legal system fed by the powerful brass of the French army, creates a hopelessness that deepens as the plot thickens.

A story of exceptional courage, that inspires and motivates the upholding of truth in the face of systemic corruption.

It reminded me of Israeli author David Grossman who once said: “Each time I go to a demonstration or need to write a political article, I think of the man who stood for years and demonstrated against the Vietnam war in front of the White House. For years, every Friday, he stood there for his two hours, holding a sign. Eventually, a reporter approached him and, somewhat embarrassed, asked, ‘Tell me, sir, you really think that you can change the world?’ The man answered, ‘No, I am just making sure that the world doesn’t change me.’ Sometimes, this is the most we can wish ourselves, at a twisted, distorted time such as this.”


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