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The only negative of my recent overseas trip was missing out on Rami and Bassam’s presentation in Sydney. Their extraordinary story captured by Canadian author Colum McCann in ‘Apeirogon’ is now a best seller.

The devasting impact of violence changed their worlds forever. The daughter of Rami, an Israeli, was murdered by a Palestinian suicide bomber in 1997. Bassam’s daughter, a Palestinian, was killed by a rubber bullet in the back of the head, fired by an Israeli soldier in 2007.

United in deep grief, Bassam and Rami became ‘brothers’ in a cause to promote just peace in their homeland.

To hear and respond to their powerful message and invitation can be lifechanging.

“You can teach yourself how to listen. Only after you listen to the others’ pain can you expect the other to listen to your pain.”

“When they listen to us, we try to listen to them.”

“There will be no freedom for Palestinians without security for Israelis and there will be no security for Israelis without freedom for Palestinians.”

“If you are pro-Israel, it’s not going to help. If you are pro-Palestinian only, it’s not going to help us. You need to be pro-justice. Why do you need to only support one side? Both of us will continue to exist and will not disappear.”

Their approach is consistent with the heart of the Rossing Centre in Jerusalem. It is the process I’ve attempted to pursue in my counselling room, working with conflicted parties and promote in ‘Wall of Tears’.

Photo: Plus61J Media


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