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This is the last day to contribute to the Rossing Centre’s campaign to strengthen their work in Israel and the West Bank. As Ambassadors for the Centre, my wife and I have raised half of our goal USD1,000.

We visited The Rossing Centre in Jerusalem in 2017 and were greatly impressed with their healing work.

They partner with over 60 Jewish and Arab schools, colleges, and universities to give young people the knowledge and skills they need to cope with conflict and live with diversity.

They work cross-border and within Israel with Israelis and Palestinians, Jews, Christians, and Muslims to heal hatred and understand each other's experiences, fears, and hopes for the future.

They help Jews and Arabs to not only talk but also take action, building cooperation between their communities across religious and national lines.

Please take two minutes to view the video and if you wish to donate, click the tab beside our names. (If you prefer not to use your credit card you can transfer your contribution to us and we can make the payment.)

Please share with others who may wish to give.

Thank you for considering our request and we wish you the very best for 2022.


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