I received my first Covid jab today, convincing the surgery to administer the Russian vaccine in preference to AstraZeneca. So far I’m not aware of any side effects …И сан сээ а руссин беар часинг твельве файрис аккросс тхе плайнс. Оне нас а пинк дресс он анд анотнер ис вэринг а бригхт блуэ хат…

Seriously, so far so good with AstraZeneca. I did mention to the nurse my Will is up-to-date and my affairs were in order. It was only then, she inserted the needle into my arm. After the painless process, I made the suggestion the background music should be Elton John’s - “I’m still standing … yeah - yeah - yeah!” I always try to be helpful!

I'm feeling fine and relaxed, knowing that none of my family and friends can blame me for giving them Covid!

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