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Dear Sir,

I’m interested to know (a) your personal view and (b) what your party is committed to in respect of court actions against Bernard Collaery, Witness K, David McBride and Richard Boyle, who are being prosecuted for telling the truth about the East Timor government offices bugging, war crimes in Afghanistan and the Tax Office’s harmful debt recovery practices, respectively. They are men of integrity who should not be jailed. Our system of open justice is under threat.

The current action against Bernard Collaery in the High Court by the government (costing millions of dollars) to hold sections of the trial in secret, is not consistent with open government.

Also, I am one of many who know of the struggles of small businesses and citizens who have suffered through the debt recovery action of the ATO, and taxpayers who receive conflicting telephone advice, without any following written confirmation. This veiled and confusing behaviour contributes to a lack of open communication, resulting in the public losing confidence and trust in the government.

I look forward to your reply,

David Kerr


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