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‘In My Blood It Runs’ is an intimate look inside the world of a charismatic 10-year-old Arrernte/Garrwa boy, Dujuan and his family. The documentary charts the challenges Dujuan faces, including prejudice in school and on the streets of Alice Springs.

In My Blood It Runs’ reveals the ways First Nations communities continue to negotiate colonial culture and keep their identities and cultures alive through self-determination, the revitalisation of languages and cultural practices. It is a side of Australia that many of us have never seen.

The film contrasts the interaction between Dujan and ‘white education’ and civil authorities and his relationships with ‘indigenous education’ and the black community.

I cringed at the attitude Australians maintained in the era of the ‘stolen generation’ highlighted early in the movie - ‘whites are superior and we have a duty to civilise them.’ The last frame of the film is a powerful response to this terrible arrogance. Dujuan is taught how to manage bush care through mosaic fires - an approach used by Aborigines for centuries to reduce the threat of bushfires. A rebuke to non-indigenous fire management, especially in relation to recent devastation..

National Reconciliation Week 2021 concludes tomorrow, June 3.

Racism. If you see it … if you hear it … take courage - call it out!


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