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Dear Friends,

My wife and I are privileged to be ambassadors for The Rossing Centre, located in Jerusalem. They have a heart for healing the pain of Israelis and Palestinians in their ongoing struggle for peace. We met Dr Sarah Bernstein, the Director, during the Healing Hatred Conference the Centre conducted in 2017 in Jerusalem – a powerful transformative experience.

The Rossing Centre is holding a fundraising campaign to strengthen its valuable work in the West Bank and Israel, and we are hoping to raise at least USD1,000 to contribute to the overall goal of USD75,000.

We have the highest regard for Sarah, a person of great compassion and integrity. The Conference exposed us to stories of healing, where conflicted parties shared their pain, some of which have been included in my novel, Wall of Tears. (The experience of a young Palestinian man at an Israeli checkpoint is recorded, ‘word for word’.

Are you able to provide a donation to promote this amazing work? Even a small gift will make a difference to Arabs and Israelis who are searching for a pathway to a just and harmonious relationship.

Please click on the link, take 2 minutes to view the video and then if you choose to give, scroll down and click on the donate tab beside our name.

Thank you so much for considering our request.

Our hope for you is a happy and peaceful Christmas in the midst of our uncertain world.




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