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The explosions of cannons; the smell of gunpowder; the cold touch of steel; the taste of blood; Paul Jariabek breaths life into the historic figure of Sir Francis Drake in Retribution.

The writer’s engineering background and long-time love for the swashbuckling days of pirates and galleons, creates an event in an historic conflict between England and France.

Jariabek’s careful research provides a window into the mind and heart of a brilliant British naval officer, sea captain and explorer. Drake’s loyalty, courage and daring blend with his internal struggles and vulnerabilities.

I loved the easy flow of the narrative, colourful, descriptive; the detail and depth creating tension that builds slowly towards a riveting climax.

Here’s a peek - “It was dusk as the two ships arrived at the French coastline, and the crews began to prepare for the cutting out attack. All the running lights were extinguished. The boats were lowered and loaded with powder kegs, the chalk marks against the gunwales as Hawkins instructed. The crews covered the barrels with ballast, leaving space for the rowers. Attack weapons were lowered into the coxswains’ boats. The attack team donned mail, dark-dyed clothes, and smeared charcoal paste on their faces.”

I gave Retribution five stars and recommend it to readers who love a good yarn – especially historical fiction.

Retribution is the first in a series on Drake and I can’t wait to see what Paul Jariabek presents in the next instalment.


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