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Eddie Jaku turned 100 in 2020. He had remained silent for many years. Only the scars on his body gave evidence of the cruelty of his internment in Buchenwald and Auschwitz.

But Eddie made a decision to unlock the secrets of his suffering. His story captivated me. But turning the pages, the title of his book, ‘The Happiest Man on Earth’ sat uneasily with the terror and shocking treatment he endured. How could anyone possibly describe himself that way!

Then … a miracle.

Australia, like most countries closed its doors to Jewish refugees after WW2. However, I am pleased the ‘welcome mat’ was extended to Eddie in 1950. His outstanding work ethic, contribution as a volunteer to the Sydney Holocaust Museum and inspiration given to the thousands he has reached through TED talks and other speaking engagements has enriched our community and the world.

The miracle of his survival is only surpassed by the miracle of his decision to ‘make life beautiful.’

Highly recommended.

Published by Pan Macmillan Australia.


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