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UNVEILED: How Western Liberals Empower Radical Islam

The escape of Yasmine Mohammed from a fundamentalist Muslim family is a remarkable story that needs to be read by people of all ages. Her courageous decision to break free from the abuse that caged her and threatened her life is raw and confronting. Yasmine doesn’t hold back in describing every form of abuse at the hands of her parents, brother and religious community. The outrageous decision by a Canadian court, ruling that corporal punishment wasn’t against the law and due to Yasmine’s ‘culture’, ‘punishments can be more extreme than in the average Canadian household.’

Yasmine’s betrayal by the justice system left her devastated as the decision forced her back to her family and the threat of greater abuse.

In my role as a therapist, I’ve witnessed the brutality of domestic abuse/violence over four decades and marvel at Yasmine’s strength and determination not to remain a victim. Is abuse culturally defined? No! Violence/abuse is found in every race, religion and culture – an indelible stain on humanity.

While ‘Unveiled’ was hard to read, it was difficult to put down. My emotions gyrated – anger – anxiety - sadness – hope.

Yasmine wants to make a difference. Her sufferings have been transformed into energy to encourage us to confront abuse wherever it exists. Her passion is to support Muslim women still bound by fear and to warn the world of the ways of extreme Islam and to highlight the subtle ways the West contribute to maintaining the status quo.


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