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This graph tells a story. It’s the evidence of my ride along Seven Mile Beach to Shoalhaven Heads yesterday. So what’s the spike of the grey shadow? It’s the maximum heart rate for the 27 km ride. Why 155 bpm? Isn’t the beach flat? Yes, it is. Flat and smooth on a low tide and that’s the buzz. Firm sand is the invitation to experience the exhilaration o flying along the shore with seagulls soaring, accompanied by the rhythm of waves. Freedom!

The blue line is speed and as you can see, speed spikes simultaneously with maximum heart rate. My progress south, towards the Heads, averaging 30 km/hr, was assisted by a 10 km/hr tailwind. Effortless! The blue line is relatively flat, until …

400 metres short of my goal, two dogs appeared with their owner, and the chase began. I’ve been pursued by a dog before, many times, but to have two, each side, barking, great gobs of dog spit streaming from their jaws was unnerving. They were fast - very fast. I suspect they might train with greyhounds. They stayed with me for a good 300 metres before retiring. All I heard from the embarrassed owner was a distant scream - SORRY!

So now I know those hounds can run at over 33 km/hr and bark at the same time.

On my return trip, minutes later, dogs now secured by leash, the owner smiled and thanked me for ‘giving her dogs a good run.’

It was a slow ride back into the headwind and with battery level of my ebike decreasing, I reduced the power setting and measured my pace.

British TV presenter, Dr Michael Mosley and health physiologists promote a once-a-week-sprint - ‘as hard as you can go’ to maintain fitness. Reckon I’ve done my bit for a few weeks.


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