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‘Where Olive Trees Weep’ is a compelling and confronting portrayal of Palestinian pain under Israeli occupation and control in the West Bank and Gaza. Graphic footage and heart-breaking interviews are a searing echo of my visits to the Holy Land. It is a fair and factual account of Israel’s right-wing parties’ commitment to dehumanize Palestinians and ‘cleanse the land.’ The contribution of Israelis, especially Dr Gabor Maté remove any accusation of an antisemitic bias.


Yet in the midst of the agony and helplessness, resilience shines, signalling hope for the future.


This documentary filmed in 2022 is an important statement of Israel’s current policy in action, highlighting loss, trauma, and a quest for justice. The movie runs for 1 hour 40 minutes and is available free with the option of providing a donation. Click below to view.


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