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Last Thursday Israel celebrated its 73rd Independence Day. Now a country of 9.3 million people, it commenced its journey in 1948 with a population of 806,000 and a small army of dedicated fighters in the midst of high controversy.

Who were the first countries to recognise the new State?

The first - The United States of America. President Truman made the historic phone call 11 minutes after the Declaration.

Czechoslovakia recognised the new State 1 day after Declaration and supplied Israel with its first military aircraft.

It may surprise you that the Soviet Union followed 2 days later, with the strategy of driving the British from the Middle East.

Equally surprising, Iran was the first Muslim State to recognise the new Nation in 1950, believing the move would be a counterbalance to the threat of Arab nationalism.

The first of Israel’s Latin-American allies was Uruguay in May 19, 1948.

Support often can have an ulterior motive.

It is simplistic to believe Israel and the Palestinians alone, have the absolute means to settle the ongoing conflict that has continued for over 7 decades. The Middle East resembles a living chess board where major forces influence the complex and deadly duel that appears as a game without end.


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