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Papa doesn’t move, and his face is hard. It seems like he’s a long way away. His body starts shaking, and he grips my hand so tightly it hurts. What’s wrong with Papa? I want to go to the Wall but I want Papa with me. Why won’t you go?

His head tilts forward, and a single silent tear runs down his cheek.

‘Papa. Why are you crying?’ My heart beats fast. What’s happening to him? I’ve never seen Papa cry - ever…

… As we climb the steps, I turn around for one last look at the sea of black and white, chanting, singing and dancing. So much fun and joy - yet Papa so heavy with sadness that he could’ve burst into a flood of tears. I won’t ask him now, but one day I will. I want to know.

I’ll never forget that tear.

(Wall of Tears: The Human Face of the Israel - Palestine Conflict, page 6)

Release Date: April 14, 2020.

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